Pools Supplies Buying Guide

What You Need to Know About Purchasing the Right Pool Supplies

One favorite past time of many people during the warm summer months is spending time by the pool. While most communities will have a public pool, it pales in comparison to laying out and jumping in to your very own pool in your backyard. While it may seem simple to have a pool installed, it is important to know what is needed to help keep your pool clean and functioning year after year. Here is a guide of things you will need to help keep your pool crystal clear and ready for fun!

Cleaning Supplies

It is very important to make sure pool water is kept clean – home pools can be just as vulnerable to bacteria that can cause illnesses and long-term diseases. Keeping your swimming pool sanitary is easy as long as you have the right chemicals:

1.       Chlorine: Chlorine should be the first chemical on any pool owner’s list. This substance can be purchased as a granulated powder, tablet, or in liquid form. The differences in form will determine the rate in which the chlorine is dispersed into the pool’s water – tablets take longer to disinfect the water than liquid would. Chlorine is crucial for killing waterborne pathogens, algae, and bacteria that can be present in the water.

2.       Algaecides: Algae that grows along the pool’s walls and floor can cause many health issues. This is why using an algaecide at least once a week is so important to the cleanliness of the pool. This chemical control contaminates that form as a result of the growth of algae. The best time of day to add an algaecide is in the early morning, usually after a shock treatment has been used to help neutralize any hypochlorous acid that has built up from using chlorine.

3.       Clarifiers: Even the best pool filtering system cannot pick up all of the small debris or dirt that can be in the pool’s water. Clarifiers can be very helpful with this type of issue – this chemical creates a reaction that causes those smaller particles to become larger, helping the filtering system to better collect and dispel them from the pool. Clarifiers generally do not cause negative reactions for people, but it is important to always follow the recommended dosage.

Pool Equipment

In addition to using the right chemicals to keep the pool water clean, you will also need a few pieces of specialized equipment to help keep the pool up and running all summer and year after year:

1.       Pool Skimmer: Depending on where your pool is located, it may be likely for large leaves or large bugs to end up floating on the top of the pool water. While the filter will suck up these pieces of debris, they will often clog the filter basket, making it less efficient. A pool skimmer is a pole that varies in length with a net on the end – pool owners use this to skim leaves, bugs, and debris off the surface of the water to avoid having it clog up the filter.

2.       Tele Poles and Vacuum Heads: A tele pole with a vacuum head is also an important piece of equipment that is related to pool cleaning. These telescoping poles will be able to be adjusted to varying lengths when using the heads to clean the bottom or floor of the pool. Again, even the best filters will miss some pieces of debris and very rarely can pull up any algae that may have begun to grow. Vacuuming the bottom of the pool helps to keep it clean and safe for swimming.   

3.       Filter Leaf Trap: Leaves and debris that make their way into the filter system can cause major, expensive damage. This is why having a leaf trap is so important. This device will either sit inside the filter or attach to the end of the vacuum and will catch leaves and large pieces of debris, such as trash and keep them from making their way into the filter. This trap can easily be emptied and, although it is an extra step, will save you money and the headache of a broken filter.

While these are only the basics of pool supplies, there are a number of other chemicals and products out there that can help keep your pool in good running condition. Pool cleanliness and maintenance is important for the health and longevity of your swimming pool!

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