Pelican Coolers

Pelican Products, Inc. is and has been one of the most reliable manufacturers in the United States for hard case products for decades. The company was started out of a garage in 1976 and has grown into one of the most recognized labels for hard case and lighting solutions.

Hipp Modern Builders Supply is very excited to offer Pelican’s Elite Cooler products directly on our website. Pelican coolers are proudly Made in the USA and offer the unique Interagency Grizzly Bear Association Bear Resistant Certification. The coolers not only keep the bears safe, but keep you safe as well since the bears have less access to your food stores.

Key Features of Pelican Coolers:

·         Guaranteed for life

·         MADE in USA

·         Bottle open built into the cooler

·         Press and pull latches

·         Dual handles

·         Molded in tie downs

·         Stainless steel hardware

·         Cup holders

·         Extreme ice retention

Simply put, you will not find a better cooler manufactured in the United States.

If you want to pick up a Pelican cooler locally, come see our store Hipp Modern Builders Supply at 1404 E Main St. Mountain View Ar. 72560

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