LED Light Bulbs FAQ

LED Light Bulbs FAQ

Every home and business owners wants to save money, right? Lighting is an area that is often overlooked, but one that can create significant savings if managed properly. LED light bulbs present an opportunity for both home and business owners to save money. The more lighting you have, the more you can save!

Saving Money with Little Investment

Just a few years ago, making a major lighting change was difficult to justify. Much of the lighting required unique fixtures, which were quite expensive. Manufacturers quickly learned that in order to make these bulbs more attractive to consumers they needed to create a bulb that would work in current fixtures. Today, most of the bulbs available for both home and business use require that you merely change out the bulb. In other words, the only investment you need to make to start saving money is the actual bulb.

So, just how much of a different do LED lights make when compared to traditional lighting solutions? Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

Life Span Comparison of Common Lighting Solutions

·         Incandescent Light Bulbs – 1,200 hours

·         CFL Light Bulbs – 8,000 hours

·         LED Light Bulbs – 50,000 hours

Wattage Usage Comparison of Common Lighting Solutions

·         Incandescent Light Bulbs – 60 watts

·         CFL Light Bulbs – 13-15 watts

·         LED Light Bulbs – 6-8 watts

So, why are these numbers so significant?

1.       The lifespan of the bulb is significantly longer than the two alternative bulbs. The bulbs last a minimum of six times longer than the closet bulb yet the price difference in these bulbs is not even close to that number. This means you replace bulbs less, paying less for your household or business lighting supplies.

2.       The bulbs use significantly less energy to run. This means a lower overall utility bill, shortening the time even further to recover the cost difference in the lighting.

3.       Converting your lighting over to LED light bulbs can start the process of turning your business or home “green.” Because you are using less electricity, there are less greenhouse gas emissions created to light your home or business.

Simply put, buying LED light bulbs makes sense for both the environment and your budget. HippModernBuilders.com offers a wide variety of LED light bulbs, but some products are only available in store or as ship to store. If you have any questions prior to purchasing LED lighting, please give us a call at our store (870-269-3800) and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Or, for those of you in the Mountain View area, come on in and see us! Our store is located at 1404 E Main St in Mountain View, AR. 

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