Kitchenware: Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchenware: Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone loves gadgets, right? There are some normal utensils that are “must have” items for a kitchen, such as pots and pans, but once you get the necessities, the gadgets are what will set your kitchen apart. It is not only about being able to make some out-of-the-ordinary items, but some of these gadgets are also true conversation pieces that you can proudly display.

Meat and Sausage Grinder – sure, it is much easier to head to the local butcher or supermarket and buy a pack of sausage or ground meat, but what fun is that? With a meat/sausage grinder, you are able to customize the leanness of your ground meat as well as being able to infuse your homemade sausages with some unique flavors, such as bacon or apples. Not only is this gadget purposeful, it will also look very cool mounted to your countertop.

Peelers and Graters – we have to admit, some of these devices look great and are designed to give a retro look to your kitchen, but they are actually a “must have” for any amateur chef. Fresh fruit juice and zest will add a noticeable difference to any recipe requiring citrus. Fresh garlic…well, I don’t think we could ever do that justice in the difference it makes in a dish. And imagine how impressed your friends will be when you whip out a cheese grater to put some fresh-grated locatelli cheese on their pasta. Speaking of pasta…

Homemade Pasta Machines – how much longer are you going to settle for that boxed pasta during the Sunday family dinner? Do you know how easy it is to make your own pasta? Simply put, there is no comparison when it comes to the taste of fresh pasta over boxed pasta. Make a trip to the local “gourmet” supermarket and spend $10 on a pound of pasta for a “taste” and the next purchase you will make will be a pasta board and a pasta machine.

Pizza Oven – this is more of an appliance, but is definitely a “gadget” that is included with some toaster ovens. Instead of firing up the full oven for a homemade pizza, these small pizza ovens will use less energy and create a better tasting pizza.

Food Scales – in today’s fitness and health food oriented world, a kitchen scale is an absolute must. Behind every successful nutritional plan is sound portion control. But, we don’t want just any scale to measure our food, do we? Hanging food scales can be a true conversation piece in the kitchen. You will have the luxury of choosing modern or vintage, depending upon the current design of your kitchen.

Infusers and Tenderizers – can you ever make a piece of meat too tender or too flavorful? We don’t think so! You will be amazed how incredible tasting and tender you can make a London Broil taste with the right tools and a few hours in the fridge. If you want to step up your BBQ game, these are a couple of kitchen gadgets that you have to have in your kitchen toolbox. 

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