Interior Paint Buying Guide

Interior Paint Buying Guide

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to freshen up a room. This is probably the least expensive way to improve the overall look and feel of any room in your home. We have put together a quick buying guide so you can choose the best interior paint for your project.

What To Do before You Choose a Color

1.      Sizing the Room – are you trying to create the look of a bigger room or do you want to make it more quaint and cozy? This is something that must be considered, as darker colors will visually “shrink” the size of the room, while lighter colors can make a smaller space appear larger.

2.      Aesthetics of the Room – what features of the room do want to accent or cover up? For example, consider the molding or trim of the room. If you are unhappy with certain trim or want to cover an area up, this is, at least in many cases, very easy to do with the proper paint.

3.      Functionality of the Room – what exactly is the purpose of the room? Is this a room for entertaining or a playroom? Will you need to clean the wall from crayon or do you plan to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests?

Deciding on Paint Colors

While the functionality of the room will often dictate the color scheme, this is also an opportunity to incorporate your personality into the home. You don’t always have to be “traditional” to have a traditionally functioning room!

·        Be Fearless – have confidence in the color scheme you want to create. Bold and bright will work in the right settings, so don’t be afraid to use it. If you are unsure if certain schemes will work well together, consult with a professional at the store and ask to see samples together so you can get a better idea of how it will look when it is up on your walls.

·        Pick YOUR Colors – don’t go generic simply because it is what is expected. You are going to be spending a lot of times in these rooms, so the colors should be ones with which you are comfortable and prefer. Not sure? Check your wardrobe, as your clothing is more than likely colors you like and enjoy. Why not use the same colors in your home?

·        Consider Existing Furniture and Accents – if you have already started to decorate the room, take a good look at the furniture and pieces that are already in place. For instance, a fine pinstripe in a sofa can be pulled out by choosing the same color for your walls. When your paint complements the items in the room, these items will truly pop.

Paint Finish

The finish of the paint may largely be decided by how the room will be used. Is this a room that will see a lot of foot traffic? Is there a good chance the walls will be scuffed or marked? What are you trying to accentuate in the room? These are all concerns that are addressed by choosing the right finish.

·        Eggshell, low-luster, or Satin Finish Paint – preferred for very high traffic areas, such as a hallway or playroom. Being much easier to clean than flat paint, it is one of the more popular selections.

·        Flat Finish Paint – can be difficult to clean, so you should use this in areas that will not see traffic, such as the ceiling. Flat paint also mutes reflections, so consider this if you are painting rooms with a lot of sunlight.

·        Semi-gloss or Gloss Finish Paint – this is also a popular choice for higher traffic areas, particularly focus rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom. It is also commonly used for accents, such as banisters, windowsills, and doorjambs. One thing to consider, though, is that any imperfection on the surface is highlighted more with the glossier finish of the paint.

Other Consideration When Buying Interior Paint

·        Sample before Buying – most stores will either sell you a sample of the paint or provide it to you free of charge. This will enable you to actually see the paint on the surface in the room. Never underestimate this, as colors do not always transition to the wall as you think they will look when you see them on the color board.

·        Quality Does Matter – you are going to see paints with various price points, so choose the best interior paint within your budget. Cheaper paints will not last as long, so you may actually end up spending more money and time by going for the cheaper price. Do your due diligence and check customer reviews and ratings before making a final purchase.

·        Water or Oil – water based paints are much better for interior painting than oil based paints. For one, they clean up a lot easier. Secondly, the smell is less prevalent and easier to tolerate than oil-based paints. The odor will also dissipate faster in water-based paints than with oil-based paints. offers a wide variety of interior paint products, but some products are only available in store or as ship to store. If you have any questions prior to purchasing painting products, please give us a call at our store (870-269-3800) and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Or, for those of you in the Mountain View area, come on in and see us! Our store is located at 1404 E Main St in Mountain View, AR.




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